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What is a Cloud-Based Phone System?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

My Granite Cloud Phone System (VoIP)

Cloud-Based Phone Systems - VoIP Systems

A cloud-based phone system otherwise known as a VoIP System, is a communications solution that uses your local internet provider to make and receive calls over the internet. (Voice over Internet Protocol) VoIP. Cloud Phone systems also offer advanced security for HIPAA compliance.

The programming of a Cloud based system is maintained and hosted by a third party (off site from your offices). Within these data facilities, a lot like My Granite Cloud Phone system, these secure data center sites are spread across the US and are georedundant. This provides a backup to a backup which in today’s world is amazing to have built into an easy-to-use system.

A cloud-based phone system can connect multiple devices, such as desk phones, Cell phone apps, computers and even tablets. Let your employees connect from anywhere with the device of their choosing.

Cloud based system also adds a whole realm of features, including but not limited to call center with call back options, voicemail to email, texting, call reporting, desk phone to app transition, home offices, offices on the go, call recording, paper faxing, e-faxing, video and audio conferencing, out call/ on call notifications and so much more.

Also, with cloud-based phone systems, most employers see savings on the monthly cost as they don’t require traditional phone lines, or a traditional phone system installed on site. This means the system is easily scalable for any situation.

We here at Granite do things a little differently when it comes to your tele-communications. We look at each individual company and with our knowledge of the industry and our system, we help you design a system that enhances customer service, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

By: Ashlee Terribile - Sales Representative

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