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VoIP Phones

What is a Cloud Phone System?

A cloud phone system uses VoIP technology which allows you to make and receive calls over an internet connection. The phones themselves connect over the internet to the cloud phone system which is hosted in several secure data centers. So, what are the benefits of a cloud phone system? Check below!

Lower Costs

A cloud phone system is much less expensive than a traditional, on-premise phone system (or PBX). Upfront costs are lower because you do not need to purchase the PBX itself because it is hosted in the cloud. The bulk of the initial cost for a Granite Cloud Phone System is the phones themselves, which are generally less expensive than the proprietary phones you purchase with an on-site PBX. Recurring costs are lower with a cloud phone system because you can get rid of phone lines and PRIs that phone companies charge a premium for. You also save on maintenance and upgrade costs as this is all handled by our hosted provider. Plus, with a Granite Cloud Phone System, all remote support is included with our service.

Redundancy and Reliability

The Granite Cloud Phone System is hosted in several secure data centers that are in different geographic locations throughout the country. This allows our system to be geo-redundant, meaning if there is a problem in one data center, the phones seamlessly reconnect to another one. Another benefit of your phone system living in the cloud is that you can redirect calls even if you're experiencing a power or internet outage at your site. This can easily be done from our portal or by calling us for assistance.

Scalability and Flexibility

Want a system that grows with your business? The Granite Cloud Phone System is the answer. Whether you have 5 phones or 1000, 1 site or 50, our cloud phone system can handle it all. If you do have multiple sites, our system allows you to extension-to-extension dial regardless of whether you are calling a colleague one desk over or across the country. Our technicians have experience supporting businesses of all types and sizes. Need a work from home solution? Bring your desk phone home and connect it to Wi-Fi. Is your business on the move? Use our free mobile app that allows you receive calls to your extension as if you were sitting at your desk or make calls showing your business phone number.

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