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Business SMS

Texting or "SMS" gives you immediate communication between you and your clients. What's more, it is a direct, personal way to connect with them. Business SMS on the Granite Cloud Phone System is simple and easy to use. 

Businesswoman Using iPhone


Immediate Delivery


SMS messages are delivered instantly to the recipient's mobile phone.

High Open Rates


Text messages have a high open rate compared to email.



SMS is generally more cost-effective than other forms of communication.



SMS allows for personalization, helping to build stronger relationships with customers.

iPhone with Business Texting App Open

Computer or Smartphone

Texting on the Granite Cloud Phone System is accomplished through a user friendly interface on the Granite Cloud mobile app or Windows/MacOS program. Phone numbers that have SMS enabled can be shared to multiple users so that your team can collaborate on a text message. Copies of inbound or outbound messages can be sent to multiple users or emails.

Business SMS Computer Program
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