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Customer Support Options

  • Call quality or one-way audio issues
    Your Granite Cloud Hosted VoIP phone uses your internet connection to make and receive calls. If your internet is experiencing trouble, your phone could have one-way audio or poor audio quality. Even if you do not see any internet issues on your computer, there could still be an issue with your internet provider or your on-site network equipment. Hosted VoIP phones require real-time delivery of the data traffic over the internet for a call to be clear, while computer traffic can retry several times in just a few seconds. When your internet is having an issue, phone call quality will suffer. Below are some tips to try before contacting support: Issue is isolated to a few phones: Reset phone – Unplug the AC power cord OR unplug the network cable from the phone. Phone’s display will go blank. Wait 10 seconds and plug the removed cord back in. Issue is occurring on all phones: Reset network equipment – reset the modem provided by your internet provider (Comcast, Cox, Optimum, etc.) as well as your firewall that connects to the modem. Issue is with a single phone: Does the issue only occur while using the handset? Does using speakerphone not have the issue? Check coil cord connection on back of phone to be sure it is in the handset port and not the headset port.
  • No power to the phone
    Check the network cable connection and confirm that it is plugged into the network and NOT the computer port. Check the AC power cord and confirm that it is plugged into the phone and power outlet.
  • Calls are going directly to voicemail
    Check icons on top of the display for call forwarding or DND (Do Not Disturb) . If phone is in DND, press the DND key again to remove it. To turn off call forwarding Yealink phones: 1. Press Menu soft key in display. 2. Use arrow keys to navigate to Features, press Enter or OK. 3. Press Enter of OK to select Call Forward. 4. Press Enter or OK again. 5. Use the arrow keys to turn call forwarding on or off and press the Save soft key in the display. 6. Press the Back soft key to return to the main menu, then exit to return to the home screen.
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