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Long Conference Room Table with Chairs


Conferencing can refer to a few things, but in this case we are talking about conference phones and conference bridges. A conference phone typically goes in an office conference room to allow everyone in a meeting to hear and be heard by the party or parties on the call. A conference bridge is a virtual environment in which participants can easily dial into a phone number and be conferenced together. Conference phones and conference bridges can be used in conjunction for ease of use in the event you have frequent and/or large conference calls in an office conference room. The Granite Cloud Phone system makes conferencing easy!

Conference Phone

Yealink Conference Phones

For conference rooms in the office, we use Yealink products as they have a wide-variety of conference phones. From conference phones with expansion microphones that cover a large table to battery-powered wireless conference phones that can be seamlessly moved from room to room, there is a conference phone to for every scenario on the Granite Cloud Phone System.

Conference Bridge Program

Conference Bridge

A conference bridge allows multiple people to participate in a phone call at the same time from different locations, making it an ideal solution for business meetings and teleconferencing. Participants dial into the conference bridge using a unique access code or phone number to join the call. Conference bridges support a large number of participants and can be centrally controlled from the Granite Cloud portal to use features such as mute, adding participants, and disconnecting participants. They provide a convenient and cost-effective way for people to connect and collaborate, without the need to be in the same physical location.

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