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What is Business SMS/Texting, and can it help my business?

Business Texting or SMS for business purposes, has become an increasingly popular communication channel for companies in recent years. Business SMS/ Texting allows businesses to communicate with their customers and employees quickly and easily, while also offering numerous benefits over traditional communication channels.

One of the primary benefits of business SMS is convenience. With text messaging, businesses can communicate with their customers and employees in real-time, without the need for phone calls or emails. This can be especially useful for time-sensitive messages or urgent notifications, as text messages are often read within minutes of being sent.

Another advantage of business SMS is its effectiveness. Text messages have a high open rate, with studies showing that as many as 98% of text messages are read within a few minutes of the device receiving the notification. This makes business SMS an effective way to communicate with customers and employees, as it ensures that the messages are seen and acted upon in a timely manner.

Business SMS can also be used to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. Many people prefer to communicate via text message as it is a quick and convenient way to get in touch with businesses and people. By offering text messaging as a communication channel, businesses can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, while also reducing the workload on their customer support group!

In addition to customer engagement, business SMS can also be used to improve internal communications within a company. By using SMS to communicate with employees, businesses can ensure that important messages are delivered quickly and efficiently. This can be useful for remote or mobile workers, who may not have access to email or traditional telephones.

In conclusion, business SMS offers numerous benefits over traditional communications channels, including convenience, effectiveness, customer engagement, and cost effectiveness. Overall, business SMS is a powerful tool for businesses to communicate for years to come! A Granite Communications representative would be more than happy to discuss if Business SMS would be a great fit for your company!

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