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Granite Cloud Improves Caller ID Lookup

Granite Cloud Phone System is pleased to announced a partnership with Telo for enhanced Caller Name lookup capabilities that yield an industry-leading accuracy rate of over 93%.

The ability to see a caller’s name as part of the Caller ID when you receive a phone call is a service provided by your phone company that is often taken for granted and, just as often, misunderstood. This service requires that your phone company query a caller name database to associate a name with the caller’s phone number every time that you receive a call. Errors in caller name are frequent. The problem stems from the fact that there is no single database that contains the caller name information for all U.S. callers. Because phone companies all publish and query caller name information from disparate aggregators, inconsistencies often arise. This means that the caller name you see when you answer a call can be different from the caller name that is seen by someone else. The confusion is compounded by the fact that cell phone carriers have traditionally not published caller name information at all, resulting in generic names such as 'wireless caller' being shown as part of the Caller ID.

The inconsistency in caller name results has been a pain point for Granite Cloud Phone system customers. So we decided to try to make things better. After extensive research we found a shared desire with Telo, creator of the well-known OpenCNAM data service.

Granite Cloud Phone system is among a small group of specifically selected carriers to work with Telo to implement improvements to OpenCNAM. By virtue of this product development relationship, OpenCNAM Plus has been able to achieve an increase of its already industry-leading caller name match-rate from 87% to over 93% domestically.

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